About us

We are Amstate

With years of experience in development and management of real estate, as well as in investment in real estate, varying from single objects to large investment portfolios. We are always looking for challenging real estate projects that we can develop or transform. Both the buyer and seller will be involved throughout the course of the project, and together we will achieve the best results.

Amstate has its own, contemporary vision regarding quality, sustainability, and about effectively realizing an exceptional project. Working with the best contractors, architects, advisers and trustworthy banks, we will work on the living environment of the future.

Interested in a great collaboration?

Our history

Onderdeel van realisatie hoogbouwprojecten. Specialisatie in architectuur, techniek en management
Ontwikkeling, beheer en het beleggen in vastgoed, varierend van enkele objecten tot grotere beleggingsportefeuilles in Amsterdam
Uw project?
Aanbieden van advies in architectuur, bemiddeling, beheer en techniek
Nieuwbouw- en transformatieprojecten waarbij alle specialiteiten, ervaring en kunde worden gecombineerd en (inter)nationaal wordt ingezet.
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New project

We are always on the lookout for new challenges. Selling a building or property?
Together, we will establish a creative realization of your project.

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Start off right

Having clear agreements are of great importance to us. That is why we pay
strong attention to the preparation phase and why we will develop a detailed
action plan.

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Working together

We run high quality projects and
combine our strengths by working with
the most talented professionals.
By doing so, we can deliver an optimal results for both the buyer and the

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Attractive living environment

We are passionate about creating attractive living environments and
embellishing the overall streetscape. In doing so, we combine both old and
new aspects and we take into account the current situation.